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Our Story:

This is a story about a boy and a girl who met, fell in love, and got married. But let's just start off by saying that this is not your average boy meets girl, they fall in love and get married story. Nope. This love story is a long time in the making. And it just to happened to include a bottle of Orange Crush...When this boy was a senior in high school, this girl was just a measly little, awkward freshman. She dreamed of one day growing up and marrying her high school crush. Literally. She woke up one morning, puzzled about the dream she had just had. Why in the world was she dreaming about a senior boy that she had seen once or twice, but didn't even know, taking her to the Blink 182 concert? Yes, Blink 182 of all bands. Hmmmmm. That afternoon while sitting on the freshman level of her high school's lunchroom, she told her friends about her embarrassing dream. They wondered what her dream meant...and why she was dreaming about the captain of the football team/student body officer that she had never even spoken one word to. Well, little did she know, that senior boy was pointing her out to his friends at that very moment. He told his friend, that he didn't know who that freshman girl was, but that he was going to marry her someday. Fate? Perhaps. But like I said, this is not a short love story. Now, this girl had to find out more about the boy of her "dreams." She did a little research and found out that he was just as nice as he was cute. Score!! A few days later this boy's friend came down to the freshman level and found this girl during lunch. He wrote a phone number on her hand, and told her to give her crush a call. What could this mean she wondered? First the shock of this all wore away, then curiosity started to set in. She had her friends give this boy a call, pretending that they were her. Then, she finally got the guts to get on the phone herself. A few awkward phone conversations and many text messages later, she was hooked. She knew that this so-called boy of her "dreams" was the one. The only problem was, she was still only 15, and he was dating one of her best friend's sisters. Oops! Well, a few months later this girl made the cheerleading squad and they decided to do a fundraiser where you could send a bottle of Orange Crush to the person you were crushing on. Pretty cute huh? Her friends decided to send him a bottle of Crush with her name on it, to make her crush known. How embarrassing, right? It was a good thing they did that though, because he sent a bottle to her. It seemed that this little crush must have been mutual. She was absolutely thrilled!! But, little came of this. He graduated, and went on with his life. They spent that summer doing their own things, and occasionally bumped into each other, which of course made for some very awkward moments. She thought that their crushes had fizzled, until the night before she turned 16. They exchanged text messages and before she knew it, a date was planned. Yes, this boy was going to take this girl on her very first date. This date turned into more dates, lots of kisses, and many late nights. The only problem was, this boy was headed to Mexico for two whole years. What was she ever going to do? Well, a few short months later, he was gone. Heartbreaking, isn't it? She went on with her life, and tried to make the time pass quickly. While she was dancing, and dating, he was serving and teaching. Then, the "love" letters started coming and going. I know, I know, who actually writes letters anymore, right? Well, they did. They wrote about their lives, and shared their plans for the future with one another. They both wondered if there was room in the future for this boy and this girl to be together. Two years slowly passed by, and this boy was home. She anxiously awaited a call from him, but it didn't come. A few nights later, she had an anonymous message left on her phone. "Hi, just calling to talk to you, call me back if you can...Thanks, bye." Click. No name! Come on, who leaves a message like this from a random number, and doesn't even leave their name? She got up the guts to call this number back and ask for a boy who had just called her. And can you guess who this boy on the other line was? Yep, the boy of her "dreams." One more awkward phone call later, plans were made to get together. It had been two whole years since they had seen one another. They both worried about what it would be like when they actually saw each other again. Let's just say it was very interesting. But, the ice was broken, and they spent the whole night talking and catching each other up on what life had been like for two whole years. The boy went home, and the girl knew that all of those feelings she felt years ago, were back and there to stay. She had once again fallen hard for him. And do you know what? He felt the exact same way. This boy and girl were inseparable from that day on. A year later, a ring came into the picture, and a wedding was planned. Five months later, these two tied the knot. Life was amazing to say the least! They promised each other that it would just be the two of them for at least five years, but we all know that plans change. Three years passed, and sweet Eloise came into the picture. This little family of two, quickly became a family of three. And do you know what? Life couldn't be better. This is now a story of a boy and a girl who met, fell in love, got married, and had a baby. This is the story of our life...

10 things you don't know about AUBREE:

1. She has a strange obsession with numbers...odd numbers give her nightmares. Weird, we know.
2. She could eat ice cream and frozen treats all day and be completely satisfied.
3. If she could live anywhere, her first choice would be New York City.
4. She has naturally curly hair, but almost always wears it straight. Oh, and she doesn't dye it.
5. If she could have any job in the world, she would be a Broadway Star.
6. Being a Mama is the highlight of her life. She adores everything about it.
7. Her favorite colors are pink, green, and peach.
8. She has to be on a strict gluten free diet...not by choice.
9. She thinks that reality TV, is real TV.
10. She would wear a dress and high heels every single day, if it were practical.

10 things you don't know about ZACH:

1. He has a mad obsession with shoes.
2. If he could have any job in the world, he would be a general manager for a professional sports team.
3. He is head over heels in love with our baby girl, Eloise.
4. He is absolutely terrified of heights.
5. He is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed gringo, but he speaks Spanish fluently.
6. He could eat cheeseburgers for the rest of his life, and die a happy man.
7. If he could move somewhere tomorrow, it be to Maui...He loves lounging on the beach.
8. You know that obsession he has with shoes? Well, his obsession with sports is even bigger.
9. He has moved 18 times in his life. He's quite the pro now.
10. He doesn't feel like a house is fully cleaned, unless it is vacuumed.

5 things you don't know about ELOISE:

1. She absolutely HATES to nap. For some reason, it's just not her thing.
2. She is rarely seen without a bow on her head, and a big smile on her face.
3. She has a loud voice like her Mama, and loves to chat with anyone who will listen.
4. Her best friend is Sophie the giraffe...But somehow, Sophie always ends up in her mouth.
5. She loves story time with Mommy and Daddy. "Fancy Nancy" is currently her fave.