Friday, August 21, 2009


Isn't it fun everyone once in a while to take a little trip down memory lane? To spend some time thinking about all the great things you have done in life, and think about how you made it to where you are now...Well today I did just that! I spent some time looking at some of our old pictures from years ago. It was lots of fun to look at pictures and see what I was doing in my life, and what Zach was doing in his at the exact same time. Let's take a little trip back to the years 2006 and 2007. I was in high school living it up, busy as usual. While Zach was down in Mexico serving his mission. It's crazy to see how much both of us have changed in just these few short years....
While Zach spent his time serving in the HERMOSILLO, MEXICO mission...

Logging some serious hours on his BIKE and WALKING...
And being the ADORABLE missionary that he was,

I spent my time...
(Spring Break in Puerto Rico with Emily)
(Early Morning East High Dance Company Rehearsals)
(Spirit Bowl '07)

And spending countless hours with my cute FRIENDS...
WOW we have changed!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nelson FAMILY Reunion

Last week we drove up to Brigham City, Utah to attend the Nelson Family Reunion. It was fun to go up there and meet Zach's mom's side of the family. We all had a nice lunch and got to know each other a little bit better.  It was a bummer that we were the only ones from Zach's immediate family to make it besides his mom and step-dad. We missed everyone else, but still had a great time!! 
Zachary and his MOM...
Us with Zach's mom JOLENE and step-dad BURTON
Zach and some of his COUSINS...

Monday, August 17, 2009


I have SO much fun whenever I am with my little nephew Will. He always makes me feel like I am a little kid again. A few weeks ago when I was babysitting him he told me that he wanted to play pirates. So, I went and found a huge stash of my great-grandmas scarfs and we dressed up like "nice" pirates (according to Will). Ever since then all he wants to do when he is with me is play pirates, which I'm not gonna lie is pretty fun! This year for halloween Will wants to be a pirate and have his little sister Lucy dress up as his cute is that!? 

"Nice Pirate Will" doing his SCARIEST pirate face
I seriously LOVE this kid...we have SO many fun adventures together!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Another Wedding Shower...

Who would have thought that two of my good friends would be getting married back to back?  My lovely friend SARA JAYNE is getting married this week the day after LIZZIE. SO much fun!! This meant that our friends had two wedding showers back to back also. We had a GREAT shower for Sara Jayne and Tyler this last week, and it was absolutely ADORABLE!! We had SO much fun celebrating Sara's wedding and getting to know her cute FIANCE Tyler.

Brooke, SARA JAYNE, and ME at the SHOWER

Around The Clock Bridal Shower

 Last week my mom, sister and I threw an "AROUND THE CLOCK" bridal shower for my adorable friend LIZZIE. We had SO much fun planning and getting everything ready for it. We absolutely LOVE Lizzie and wanted to make this a special night for her and all of our guests. We decided to base the FOOD on the around the clock theme and have food from all TIMES of the day...I think we all had PLENTY to eat. It was SO much fun seeing all my cute FRIENDS and catching up with them. I am SO happy for LIZZIE and can't wait for this week when she and NICK finally tie the knot!!

Me and LIZZIE, the beautiful BRIDE!!

CUTE little LUCY helping us get ready for the shower...

A BREAKFAST of cinnamon rolls, parfaits, lemon poppyseed cake, and mini blueberry muffins

A LUNCH of green salad, chicken salad sandwiches...

...and delicious fruit

A DINNER of mini-hamburgers

Pasta salad...

...corn on the cob, and french fries in cones

A MIDNIGHT SNACK of chocolate chip cookies, clock cupcakes, milk, and cereal

And a KISS goodnight...

All the GIRLS at the SHOWER...Thanks for coming, I love you all!!

Some of our cute friends watching the BRIDE open PRESENTS!!


Love these girls!!

KINDRA and I just having a GREAT time!!

Our cute ELEMENTARY SCHOOL friends...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cabin Weekend

Zach and I headed up to my family's CABIN up above KAMAS this past weekend to spend some time relaxing and playing with my sister and her adorable family. We LOVE going up to the cabin as much as we possibly can. It is SO pretty up there, and definitely feels like a nice getaway. This weekend we all went shooting which was SO much FUN!! I had never been SHOOTING before, and was excited to try something NEW. Thanks for a FUN and MEMORABLE weekend everyone!!

Zach and Will hanging out on the porch...
Lucy LOVES the cabin!!
Zach's "MILITARY" shot
Elsha and Lucy just hanging out
Zach's ACTION shot...
Ross teaching my how to shoot!!
Does this make anyone nervous?? haha
The boys...


Our cute nephew KENNETH MILLER turned 1 this past week!! He is probably the HAPPIEST little guy ever, and SO much fun to be around. We absolutely LOVE living so close to him, and will be sad when he moves to TEXAS in a few weeks. We had a BLAST spending time with him on his BIRTHDAY. Thanks MATT and JENNY for sharing him with us...We love you all. Happy 1st birthday Kenneth!!!!

Kenneth at his 1st birthday spaghetti dinner...SO cute!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. GREER

Zach's good friend Doug FINALLY married the love of his life Alex on the 25th of July!! We have all been waiting for this day, and were so glad that everything about it was absolutely PERFECT. We were lucky enough to be involved in every element of this wedding from the rehearsal dinner at the Alta Club, to the sealing at the Salt Lake Temple, and to the reception at the beautiful McCune Mansion. Congrats DOUG and ALEX!! We love you and wish you both the best!!

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Greer!!!!
Waiting for the happy couple to come out of the TEMPLE!!

We were SO glad Jake made it to the wedding from Florida...Re-living the Tampa days!!
Zach and Parker looking dapper...

Me and Brooke in her first outfit of the night...
LOVE these girls!! (me,brooke,and rach)
Zach and the GROOM looking HANDSOME in their TUXES
Congrats Doug and Alex...Thanks for a WONDERFUL day!!

24th of JULY

We made it back to Salt Lake just in time to celebrate the 24th of JULY with our friends and family!! I woke up at 5:30 am to head down town to watch the Days of '47 Utah parade which is a tradition my family has had for a long as I can remember. Zach on the other hand missed out on the morning Utah day festivities due to an eventful all-nighter in Wendover with his buddies for his friend Doug's bachelor party. Luckily he didn't lose any money so he had a home to come back to on the 24th haha. After a long mid-day nap for the both of us we headed down to watch some FIREWORKS with our friends Brooke and Parker. There's no better way to spend the 24th of JULY right? We hope that all of our fellow Utahn's had a GREAT day too, whatever it is that you did...
At the LIBERTY PARK fireworks with Parker and Brooke...
I LOVED spending the night with my good friend BROOKE!!