Monday, June 29, 2009

Night Out

Since our NIGHTS in Tampa are pretty limited because all the guys are working late nights, SATURDAY is usually our big night out. Last weekend we went out to dinner at a fun restaurant BAHAMA BREEZE with some of our good FRIENDS from our office. We had such a FUN night out, and a great meal to top it off!! Here are some pictures...Enjoy!!
The Couples!!

Our good friend Jake

Family Photo (O'Malley, Jake, Ben, Zach)

Waiting for a table...

The "KIDS" Table

My cute Friends...(Ali, Me, Mel, Layla)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Recipe Of The Week...

Southern Macaroni and Cheese
(Because sometimes we all need a little comfort food)

1 lb. box Elbow Noodles
2 cans Cheddar Cheese Soup
1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup
3- 8 oz. bags Sharp Cheddar Cheese
1/4 cup Whole Milk
1/2 stick Butter(melted)

Preheat oven to 475 degrees. Boil pasta for 4-5 minutes and drain. (Pasta will be slightly crunchy, but will cook through and soften in the oven). In large mixing bowl add noodles, 2 bags of cheese, cheddar cheese soup, cream of mushroom soup, milk, and butter. Mix well. Pour mixture into a large 9x13 pan and spread evenly. Then, sprinkle remaining bag of cheese on top. Bake for 30-45 minutes until the cheese on top is melted, and a little crispy...Serve and ENJOY!!

I made this Macaroni and Cheese a few nights ago, and all I can say is that it was a hit!! Zach and I usually invite a few of the single guys who are living in Tampa with us for the summer over for dinner each night, and they all said that this was definitely one of their favorite meals so far. Everyone went back for at least seconds which was great because this recipe makes a lot. I think we all need some comfort food every once in a while, and I must say that this Mac and Cheese is just that. It was absolutely delicious!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My cute parents came to visit us in Tampa a little over a week ago, and all I can say is that we had a BLAST with them!! It was SO good seeing them because we hadn't in over a month. They were here for about a week, which was FULL of adventure. My parents love to do new and exciting things so we had a great excuse to do some fun things in Florida that we most likely wouldn't have done. Zach had to work most of the days they were here which was a BUMMER, but it was GREAT having them here to keep me entertained while he was out working hard. It is SO much fun having visitors down here...anyone want to come join us in FLORIDA?? ha. Thanks for an AWESOME week Mom and Dad...We LOVE you guys!!!!

I absolutely LOVE my parents and had such a BLAST with them while they were down here!!

My dad took Zach and his friend Tysen out for a FUN day of FISHING while my mom and I went shopping.. It was a GREAT day for all of us!!

My dad with one of his MANY catches of the day...

Zach even took a day off work while they were here so we could go hangout at the BEACH and have a FUN day with my parents...He's the best!!

My cute dad and I at CLEARWATER BEACH...He and my mom LOVED this place so we went back a few different times!!

We made a trip out to CALADESSI ISLAND, the #1 beach in America!! You have to take a FERRY out there because no cars are allowed. This is my dad and I on the ferry ride out there...

But, right after we got there it started POURING rain...Not just a little drizzle, but a full on down pour. We didn't even get to go sit on the beach!! Instead we had to sit under here until the ferry came to take us back to our car...We were SO bummed, but at least we can say we have been there right??

We drove down to KISSIMMEE and went on an AIRBOAT RIDE!! It was SO much fun!!

Just a SWAMP...

My mom and I during the ride...It was super NOISY so we got to wear these cool headphones to drown out the noise haha

After the airboat ride we got to HOLD baby alligators!! I chickened out but at least I got a picture with it...

Zach and I are OBSESSED with FIVE GUYS, so of course we had to eat it while my parents were visiting...This was my dad's first Five Guys experience and he LOVED it!!

I absolutely LOVE my mom, and was SO happy I was able to spend time with her!!

Even though the weather wasn't the best the first few days they were here, this is what they ended their trip with...Another BEAUTIFUL day in sunny Florida

Saturday, June 13, 2009

One Year Down...

Wow, can you believe that we have already been married for over a year?! It's true what they say...time flies when you're having fun. We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary about a month ago, and we can definitely say that it has been the best year of our lives!! 
ONE year down...FOREVER to go...

May 10, 2008

Can't believe it has already been a year...CRAZY!!

Cutting into the cake...

Yes...We absolutely LOVE funfetti cake so we had to have it as the top layer of our cake!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beach Bums

Living in Florida we are lucky enough to live right next to the beach! There are SO many AMAZING beaches here in Tampa that we just can't get enough of. One of our favorite Sunday afternoon activities is to go hangout at the beach with some of our great Platinum friends. We feel like we have turned into BEACH BUMS...which isn't such a bad thing right? Clearwater Beach, one of the prettiest beaches we have ever seen, is only about 20 minutes from our apartment, which obviously makes it one of our favorite beaches to visit. The sand is white and soft like powdered sugar, and the water is super warm which is a plus! Here are a few pictures from some of our visits to CLEARWATER BEACH...

Clearwater Beach...AMAZING!!

Catching some Florida rays!!

Good Friends...

...Good Fun


Nothing better then spending time together at the beach...

The Girls...
(Aubree, Layla, Mel, Sierra)

The Boys...
(Brandon, Ben, Jake, Tysen, Zach, Austin)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cross Country Road Trip!!

As many of you know, Zach decided to take a job with PLATINUM PROTECTION selling alarm systems in FLORIDA for the summer!! When we first found out we were moving to Florida for the summer we thought it would be the best idea to fly instead of make a nearly 2,500 mile road trip right after finals week at the U. Well, needless to say we changed our mind and decided to pack up the car (it was so full with all the stuff we need for the summer we could only see out of the windshield and front two windows) and drive down to TAMPA. What an ADVENTURE!! It was the LONGEST and most EVENTFUL road trip we had both taken in our lives. We went through 10 states in 4 days!! We had SO much fun visiting places we had never been and enjoying the scenery along the way. Here are some of our favorite pictures from our CROSS COUNTRY road trip. Enjoy...

Like I said, our car was FULL!!
Zach was SO excited to find Busch Stadium where the St. Louis Cardinals play!!
Crossing the Mississippi River...
The St. Louis Arch is HUGE!!
We couldn't pass through Nashville without stopping at the "GRAND OLE' OPRY"
Downtown ATLANTA...what we call the Dirty South!! ha
The LONG drive was well worth it in the end when this is what we get to see from our back porch every night...