Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010


This past week Will, Lucy and Mason
came over to our house to decorate
We decided to make Thanksgiving Turkeys...
which turned out to be ADORABLE.
It was lots of fun having them over.
I may be biased, but I think they may be
some of the cutest kids ever!!

Mason (the little boy my mom watches)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fall Obsession...

Ok, so being allergic to gluten can
have it's drawbacks...Obviously.
One is that I can't have one of my MOST
favorite fall treats...Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies.

Well, Zach and I go get frozen yogurt at our favorite
place, YOGURT STOP every Monday for FHE.
This week when we went they had PUMPKIN frozen yogurt.
I obviously had to try it...let me tell you, it's DELISH!!
I added some of these on top...
And it tasted JUST like
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies.
Problem solved.
It made me one HAPPY Aubree...
Only problem is, now I CRAVE it every night.

Go try it most definitely won't be disappointed.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


It's OFFICIAL...Austin will be home from his
mission in CHILE in exactly 43 days!!
About a week ago we got an email from his mission office
telling us that he would be home on December 3rd...
We were shocked!! We weren't expecting him home
for at least another month from that date.
We thought that he was being released early to make it home
in time for Christmas, and to start school in January.
We were SO beyond excited.
We even made a paper chain to help us all count down
to the days until he is home...

Our chain was looking pretty short!!
We had a lot to do to get ready for his homecoming.
Well, about a week later we got another email from
his mission secretary telling us that they had made
a mistake and that he was actually coming home December 14th.
Not bad, just about 10 days later then we planning.
Still, he would be home for Christmas!!
Then, about 2 hours later we got ANOTHER email from
his mission. Yep, you guessed it, they had made
another mistake. The 14th was wrong once again.
They felt SO bad, and told us the right date
of him coming home...

JANUARY 1st 2011!!!!

We have waited almost 2 years, what's 43 days right?!
I think this New Years will probably top them all.
We can't wait to finally have him home, and I
can't wait to have my brother back!!

We love you Elder Service,
and can't wait for you to be back!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Turn it around so this doesn't happen again...

(Zach "WATCHING" the terrible Utah vs. TCU games last week)

William James

Last night while Zach was at work, I got to
have a "date" night with this little guy...
I let him pick where he wanted to go to dinner...
Wendy's was his choice haha.
Then, we went to my house and made a fort and
watched his FAVORITE movie. 3 NINJAS!!
Pretty sure Will can quote the entire movie,
word for word.
Thanks for such a FUN night Will.
Love you!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

4 Years

Exactly FOUR years ago today
Zach got home from his MISSION
in Hermosillo, Mexico...

A LOT has happened these past
four years in Zach's life, and in mine.
I am SO thankful that Zach was able
to serve a mission for our church.
It is a blessing in our lives each and everyday!!
It was during that time that we got to know
each other through our many LETTERS sent back and forth.
I know that he absolutely LOVED his mission, and
wouldn't change the experiences that he had for the world.

Guess What?...

Our special day was
2 1/2 YEARS AGO!!!!
I can't believe we have been MARRIED so long.
It honestly seems like it was just yesterday.
We still think that we are NEWLYWEDS!!
I love you Zachary...3 years is almost here.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Show it and Glow it

I am a complete NAIL POLISH junkie.
I probably have a thousand different colors.
Have any of you seen OPI's new line
One word. AMAZING.
These colors are SO fun, and SO sparkly.
My mom just picked this one up for me...
"Show it and Glow it"
I just painted my toes, and after 2 coats
they look like I just got GLITTER TOES!!
Definitely my new favorite color.

Game Day

Today's game is HUGE for the Utes...
We are playing TCU.
ESPN even came to Salt Lake to cover the game.
Zach and his friends went to ESPN Game Day this morning, and were even on TV.
Make sure you watch this game...and cheer for the UTES!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


For those of you who know me, I'm sure you know
that I love, love, LOVE
They are probably one of my most favorite
country bands of all time.
I'm sure you've all seen me driving around
rocking out to LADY A.
So, when I heard that they were coming
in concert I HAD to get a ticket.
Luckily 4 of my best friends wanted to see them too.

Brooke, Al, ME, Kindra, and Erin
On our way to the concert...SO excited
We got there about 2 minutes before the show started...
And it was general admission.
We thought we would definitely be standing in the back.
But somehow we weaseled our way up to the very FRONT.
Yep, all these poor people were behind us.
We were SO excited to have FRONT ROW!!

LADY A!!!!

I can't even explain how GOOD the concert was,
and how close we were...
They were amazing.
After the concert we started walking to our car,
but to our surprise a TRAIN was in the way.
It was NOT MOVING...
We waited patiently for about 10 minutes, but still NO movement.
So, being the daring girls we are we decided
to just climb UNDER the train.
I know, NOT smart!!
Well, we made it under the train and to the parking lot safely.
But, when we got to our car we looked back and
the train was MOVING...
We could have been killed. Definitely dodged a bullet!!
It was such a FUN night, and I'm glad I survived it.
I had a blast dancing, and singing along
to LADY ANTEBELLUM with my besties.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Baby JACK was born October 27, 2010.
He was 6 pounds 8 ounces, and 20 inches long.
Congrats Elsha, Ross, Will and Lucy!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!

Zach and I had the chance to celebrate HALLOWEEN
all throughout the month of October...

Our friends Brooke and Parker hosted a
I played the young actress Steffi Wood,
and Zach was the Entertainment reporter J.J. Scoop.
The party was SO much fun!!
Zach even won the "Drama Queen" award
for being the best actor of the night...
I have to say, I have the best friends!!
We decided to dress up in COSTUMES
Friday night and go out to dinner at our favorite place...
Spaghetti Factory.
We got a lot of weird looks, but we had the time of our lives.
On Saturday, we helped Will and Lucy get ready to go
Will was a Ninja Turtle, and Lucy was Snow White.
They were absolutely ADORABLE!!
On Saturday night, our friends Beau and Sarah
had a COSTUME PARTY at their house!!
Brooke and Parker won for the BEST costumes.
If you have seen The Royal Tenenbaums
you will appreciate their costumes and
realize how dead on they are...
Zach and I dressed up as ROCKY and ADRIENNE
from the Rocky favorite!!

I of course had to get a pic with my bestie.
Everyone at the party had GREAT costumes.
We had a ton of fun eating, chatting, and playing games.
Overall, it was a perfect Halloween Night!!

I can't believe it's already NOVEMBER...
Where in the world did October go?!