Friday, November 5, 2010


For those of you who know me, I'm sure you know
that I love, love, LOVE
They are probably one of my most favorite
country bands of all time.
I'm sure you've all seen me driving around
rocking out to LADY A.
So, when I heard that they were coming
in concert I HAD to get a ticket.
Luckily 4 of my best friends wanted to see them too.

Brooke, Al, ME, Kindra, and Erin
On our way to the concert...SO excited
We got there about 2 minutes before the show started...
And it was general admission.
We thought we would definitely be standing in the back.
But somehow we weaseled our way up to the very FRONT.
Yep, all these poor people were behind us.
We were SO excited to have FRONT ROW!!

LADY A!!!!

I can't even explain how GOOD the concert was,
and how close we were...
They were amazing.
After the concert we started walking to our car,
but to our surprise a TRAIN was in the way.
It was NOT MOVING...
We waited patiently for about 10 minutes, but still NO movement.
So, being the daring girls we are we decided
to just climb UNDER the train.
I know, NOT smart!!
Well, we made it under the train and to the parking lot safely.
But, when we got to our car we looked back and
the train was MOVING...
We could have been killed. Definitely dodged a bullet!!
It was such a FUN night, and I'm glad I survived it.
I had a blast dancing, and singing along
to LADY ANTEBELLUM with my besties.


David and Liz Barham said...

Love Lady Antebellum! So fun :]

Heather said...

Lady A= awesome, running under train= not so awesome. r u kidding me. glad you are o.k.!!! ;) i think i just sounded like your mom! :)