Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cabin Weekend

Zach and I headed up to my family's CABIN up above KAMAS this past weekend to spend some time relaxing and playing with my sister and her adorable family. We LOVE going up to the cabin as much as we possibly can. It is SO pretty up there, and definitely feels like a nice getaway. This weekend we all went shooting which was SO much FUN!! I had never been SHOOTING before, and was excited to try something NEW. Thanks for a FUN and MEMORABLE weekend everyone!!

Zach and Will hanging out on the porch...
Lucy LOVES the cabin!!
Zach's "MILITARY" shot
Elsha and Lucy just hanging out
Zach's ACTION shot...
Ross teaching my how to shoot!!
Does this make anyone nervous?? haha
The boys...


Heather said...

love the picture of you... it makes me smile. hope you didn't shoot zach in the foot!! ;)


nersey said...

Lucy is still a little peanut, Super cute pictures!