Friday, August 14, 2009

Around The Clock Bridal Shower

 Last week my mom, sister and I threw an "AROUND THE CLOCK" bridal shower for my adorable friend LIZZIE. We had SO much fun planning and getting everything ready for it. We absolutely LOVE Lizzie and wanted to make this a special night for her and all of our guests. We decided to base the FOOD on the around the clock theme and have food from all TIMES of the day...I think we all had PLENTY to eat. It was SO much fun seeing all my cute FRIENDS and catching up with them. I am SO happy for LIZZIE and can't wait for this week when she and NICK finally tie the knot!!

Me and LIZZIE, the beautiful BRIDE!!

CUTE little LUCY helping us get ready for the shower...

A BREAKFAST of cinnamon rolls, parfaits, lemon poppyseed cake, and mini blueberry muffins

A LUNCH of green salad, chicken salad sandwiches...

...and delicious fruit

A DINNER of mini-hamburgers

Pasta salad...

...corn on the cob, and french fries in cones

A MIDNIGHT SNACK of chocolate chip cookies, clock cupcakes, milk, and cereal

And a KISS goodnight...

All the GIRLS at the SHOWER...Thanks for coming, I love you all!!

Some of our cute friends watching the BRIDE open PRESENTS!!


Love these girls!!

KINDRA and I just having a GREAT time!!

Our cute ELEMENTARY SCHOOL friends...

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Heather said...

WOW........ all i can say is i thought i could throw parties but, ummmmm you, your mon & E are unbelievable. seriously that food looked so good. what a fun party. i will need to copy that idea someday!!! awesome work!!!