Saturday, October 24, 2009


My dear friend Madeline Hales passed away on February 14, 2005. Madeline was the best friend that anyone could ask for. She was an amazing example to all, and made everyone around her feel like you were the most special person in her life. Madeline had the greatest laugh, and was always SO much fun to be around. October 25th is Madeline's Birthday...and this year is her big 21st. Happy Birthday Mads!! Love ya!!

BAM TROIS... Brooke, Me and Mads!!

"Madeline, Madeline, I love ya Madeline!!!!"


Kin said...

love this aub, happy birthday mads!!

Liz said...

this is SO cute!! i love you!!

MLH :)

Rose said...

I love how in everyone's posts about Mads it says something about how she made us all feel like we were her very best friend. we were so lucky