Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Break

We have had such a FUN break from school and work over the past few weeks. The break was much NEEDED for the both of us, so we definitely LIVED it up. We are SO thankful for the time we were able to spend with FAMILY, FRIENDS and EACH OTHER!! We missed seeing some of our loved ones over the holidays, and want them to know that we were thinking of them. Here is our list of most memorable events during our WINTER BREAK...

1. We were able to spend more than a few hours a day together, which was our routine during school...and LOVED every minute of it!!
2. My friends and I had our monthly GIRLS NIGHT OUT...dinner at Rio Grande and a movie
3. I learned about a new secret weapon for constant static-y hair...STATIC GUARD!! (thanks kin)
4. We spent some time with Zach's DAD Rob...
5. We celebrated the NEW YEAR with some great friends!! We can already tell that 2010 is going to be a GREAT year for us
6. Our good friends JAKE and BRITTANY were married...We were able to attend the wedding dinner and GORGEOUS reception at NOAH'S
7. My mom and I DYED my HAIR...Thanks mom, I LOVE it!!
8. We made our annual visit to see the LIGHTS at TEMPLE SQUARE...They were beautiful as always
9. We spent lots of time with these CUTIES...
10. We got to spend CHRISTMAS EVE with my GRANDPA...such a great night!!
11. My family once again dressed up in our TACKY HOLIDAY WEAR for our Service family Christmas party...Don't be jealous;)
12. Zach learned how to CARVE a TURKEY...What a man!!

Spring Semester at the U starts TOMORROW. Wish us luck!! The countdown to SPRING BREAK begins...

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breck said...

that family photo HAS to be your christmas card for next year! such a group of hotties :)
glad you had fun over your break!!