Monday, January 30, 2012


Is it kind of obvious that I haven't cooked in a while?...
Yep, that's just the garlic bread that I COMPLETELY burned a few nights ago.
I mean come on, who burns probably the easiest thing to make? ME.
I think Zach was mortified when he saw what I did.
The smoke alarm went off 4 times.
I'm sure our neighbors thought our house was burning down.

When I was first pregnant I was SICK...
Everyone kept telling me that it would go away by the second trimester.
During that time cooking was the LAST thing on my mind.
Well, that terrible sickness lasted the ENTIRE 9 months.
I was sick pretty much up until I delivered. Trust me, it wasn't fun!!
So needless to say, I think I cooked a total of 5 times when I was preggo.
Poor Zachary!!

Now that I am feeling SO much better, I decided that I need to step it up.
Cooking for me and my husband has got to be a priority.
I LOVE to cook, I am just a little rusty at the moment.
Now that I'm lucky enough to be a stay at home mom,
(is that weird to anyone else?)
I have the time.
Starting now...

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Eden Marie said...

Thank you for the sweet comment, and as far as cooking? That is SO me. Burning & ruining the simplest of recipes! :)