Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This time of year seems to have lots of fun TRADITIONS that go along with it. Ever since I was about 4 years old, my family has had a fun tradition of going up into the mountains and cutting down our CHRISTMAS TREE. We have a great group of about 8 families that we share this tradition with. Over Thanksgiving weekend we go up, cut our own christmas trees, and have a fun cookout in the snow. Zach and I decided that this is one tradition that we want to carry on with our own FAMILY. This was our second year cutting down our own tree, and I must say we got a GOOD one!! 

Lucy, My Sister Elsha and I enjoying the sunshine...It was such a BEAUTIFUL day this year!!
The SERVICE family with one of our trees
LUMBERJACK ZACH and our tree...
All the GUYS from each of the FAMILIES with their TREES!! (notice how small mine and Zach's tree is compared to all the others haha)
Zach and I with our TREE!! Now all we need to do is put it up in our apartment...It's only been about a month ;)

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