Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Indian Hills

Last week was the last week of school for Indian Hills Elementary, the school that I worked at this year. Which means, summer is officially here! I have absolutely LOVED every minute spent at Indian Hills. It has been such a learning and growing experience for me. Room 130 felt like my home away from home. The ups and downs of each student in my class each day has taught me so many important lessons...Lessons that will help me in my future classroom, and in my life in general. I feel like each of the 13 kids in my class were special in their own ways, and that I was able to touch each of them in some great way. I will miss my job over the summer, and am crossing my fingers that I will have the same job when this next school year starts. As for now, Zach and I are enjoying our summer and spending so much time with each other. I started my summer job last week and couldn't be happier. I have nannied this family for over 3 years, so being with them is like my other home away from home. Zach is almost done with the first half of his summer physics and math, so the end is somewhat in sight...Life is GREAT and we couldn't be HAPPIER!!

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