Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of JULY weekend!!

We had an awesome 4th of JULY weekend this year...
Zach and I woke up bright and early Saturday morning
and headed up to our cabin to meet up with my family.
When we got there we helped my family cut and store
some FIREWOOD for the cabin
Everybody pitched in...I think WILL was the
hardest worker out of all of us!

And of course LUCY helped too...

We then enjoyed a FUN day of 4-WHEELING, RELAXING,
and S'MORES by the fire.
Sunday was the 4th of JULY...
Zach and I slept in, then headed down to OAKLEY
for some MILKSHAKES at the DAIRY KEEN.
Come on, what could possibly be MORE American?;)
Cookie Dough for Zach, Strawberry for Me
Then, we headed back to KAMAS and hit up the
little movie theater to see ECLIPSE!!
(We LOVED it by the way)

We walked in, and were the ONLY people in the
entire THEATER...
I guess that's what happens in small towns.
After the movie, we headed back up to the cabin for dinner
and more 4-wheeling with my family, and some friends
that came up to spend the day with us!!
We both had Monday off of school and work so we were
able to enjoy another day at the cabin...
So, we decided to head up to MILL HOLLOW for a little
CANOEING and FISHING with my parents.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!
Zach casting out...what a stud
My Mom, Dad, and Zach fishing ever
so patiently

Zach and CALI
I caught a FISH!!
We ended the long weekend off with a
shopping trip to the PARK CITY outlets..
We had a FANTASTIC weekend. We were lucky to spend SO much
time with family, friends, and each other.

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Erin McKenzie Summers said...

What a fun weekend! Your family is so cute.