Friday, July 30, 2010

sUmMeR fUn

For those of you who know me and Zach,
you know that we LOVE to throw PARTIES...
Well, we decided that we needed to have
a FUN summer BBQ and POOL PARTY
with all of our FRIENDS to get everyone together.
That's what summer is all about right?!
Here are some pictures of our friends and fun
we had during our party...Enjoy!!

I taught myself how to make these cute pom-poms
to decorate with...
Getting everything ready for the party!!
Some of my cute friends
Joel and Elease
Starting a VERY SERIOUS game of CROQUET...
Me with two of my BEST FRIENDS...
Erin and Zane
Some of our friends enjoying DINNER

Zach and some of the boys...
Boys will be boys
Brooke and Erin
Yep...more CROQUET (it's our summer game of choice)
Lookin' good Joel...

Parker and Brooke
Supposedly Zach was #1 in their Croquet match
Alex and Doug (no, this is not their child)
Brooke and Brooke
Cooling off in the POOL
Marin and Doug making some yummy dessert...
homemade cookie ice cream sandwiches
Erin and Zane playing a little basketball...
The boys racing in the pool

Thanks for coming everyone...We had such a FUN night!!


Heather said...

you always put on the best parties!! you are my kind of girl!!! :)

Em J said...

Could you teach me how to make these cool pom pom decorations?