Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Fair

So Zach and I were talking one night, and he
told me that he has never been to the FAIR.
Yes, that's right...In 24 years he has NEVER
been to the UTAH STATE FAIR!!
Call me crazy, but I LOVE the fair.
Everything about it screams redneck,
but I still LOVE, love, love it.
I think it makes me feel like a kid again.
I decided that Zach needed to experience
the fair firsthand, and that this would be the year.
So, Zach and I enlisted some of our friends
and headed down for a night of endless fun!!
Trust me, I don't think we missed a beat...

Will with his prize winning jelly
Poor cows...they needed to be milked

How cute are they?!

Everyone taking a little funnel-cake break

Will and Zach decided they are too old to go
on all the crazy rides...they are only 24!!
So, cute Jessica was my partner in crime.
Look closely and you can see us all on the
top left of the Tidal Wave
Oh yeah...I forgot to take pictures of the
Traveling Seal Show
Lady making crafts out of cat and dog fur
Tacky homemade wedding cakes and
Deep-Fried anything and everything.
There's a little bit of
everything at the fair!!
Can't wait for next year.


Heather said...

i love the fair. i think we might go on friday. i want an elephant ear soooooooo bad. glad zach could be a kid again!!! :)

nicole hatfield said...

yay! i love the fair!