Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fleur De LASH

My adorable friend ALEXANDRA decided that
she wanted to learn how to do
So, a few weeks ago she took the class.
She is in the process of getting certified
and needed someone to PRACTICE on.
So of course, I let her practice on me...

Alexandra hard at work...Me relaxing on her table
The finished product!!
Aren't they awesome?!
I LOVE the fact that I don't have to curl
my lashes, or wear any mascara.
I think I am definitely going to have to keep these.
Thanks Al!!

If any of you want to get your lashes done by
the AMAZING Alexandra from
"Fleur De Lash"
let me know...


Heather said...

have her come to WA with you guys & i want mine done too!!!!! :) look fab~

Erin and Zane said...

Aubs. They look so great!

Mackenzie said...

those look amazing. can she come to nyc and do mine?