Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh Christmas TREE

One of my favorite TRADITIONS that Zach and I have
My family has been doing this since I was 4,
so when Zach and I got married I decided
that we just HAD to keep the tradition going.
I love that our trees all have a story behind them.

This year was perfect! The weather was
beautiful, there was tons of snow, and we found
the most PERFECT tree!!

After walking in DEEP snow for a while, Zach and
I finally found the TREE we were looking for...
Zach cut it down and carried it out to our car...
What a man!!

We cut our tree down the day after Thanksgiving.
We have been SO busy the past few weeks that we FINALLY
got around to bringing it to our house and decorating it...

Zach strung all the lights on first.
Then, we got into our comfy pj's, turned on some Christmas tunes,
and got DECORATING!!

We decided to do a RED, GREEN, and SILVER tree this year.

Don't you all just love Zach's stache?!...Yuck, I don't!!
He is growing it out for our tacky Christmas sweater party...
Luckily it's this weekend. Trust me, the mustache
will be gone by the next day if I have my way.

Zach finished off the tree by putting the STAR on top!!

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out...
It finally feels like CHRISTMAS around here!!

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