Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There's a Stranger in my BED

When Zach picked me up from school last night, he told me that
there was something for me sleeping in our bed...
I had NO idea what he was talking about.
So, when I got home I walked into our room and THIS
is what I found. My first thought was that it
was a coffin. I know, I'm weird like that. Then,
I thought that maybe Zach bought us a keyboard piano,
because they are kinda shaped like that. But then I realized that
neither of us play the piano, and seriously do they even make
those anymore? I got sick of guessing, so I pulled the
blankets down, and look what I found...

Yep thats very own set of GOLF CLUBS!!!!
I was SO excited!! Much better than a coffin or keyboard right?
If you know Zach, you know that he LOVES golfing.
He's pretty much obsessed. When it's nice outside he golfs
at least once or twice a week. I on the other hand do not
consider golf to be one of my hobbies. In fact, I don't think I have
ever been golfing besides a few times at the driving range with
Zach, using his clubs that are right handed and probably two feet too
tall for me. Zach has wanted me to start golfing with him for quite some
time now. He thought it would be something fun that we could
do together. I thought, why not give it a try? Well, can I tell you how
hard it is to find a set of women's clubs that are left-handed? Yes, I
am a lefty. Proud of it. We have been looking for a long time, and
FINALLY Zach found some. It was a fun surprise!! I think he
was just as excited as I was.

We had to do a little putting practice in the
living room with the new clubs of course. Like our
ghetto make-shift hole?
Zach and I were both free this afternoon, so we
decided to go hit some balls at the DRIVING RANGE.
I had to test out the new clubs, ya know.
At first I could only hit them about 5 feet. Sad, I know.
But after some great coaching from Zach and about 50 balls later, I
started to get the hang of it. I hit it almost 100 yards which I thought
was pretty good for my first time. But nothing compared to
Zach...he's an old pro.

It was such a fun afternoon!! I can't wait to
start golfing lots more with my hubby, and
get onto the course. I know it's going to be
a really fun hobby for us to share. Hopefully his
friends don't get too annoyed with me wanting to tag along
on golfing trips all the time advance, sorry guys.


Heather said...

how fun!!! i totally suck at golfing. i can't even minature golf.... i don't even think Nate would want me to tag along!! ;)

Erin and Zane said...

What a fun thing! Aubs I expect you to show him up soon. hehe.

David and Liz Barham said...

I'd just like to put out there that the first thing I thought of was a coffin too...haha I have no idea. I'm glad it was golf clubs instead! Learn how to be an amazing golfer and then teach me so we can kick our husbands butts :]