Friday, July 24, 2009

Goodbye TAMPA...

As I'm sure most of you know by now, Zach and I had to cut our PLATINUM summer out in TAMPA a little short. It was a really hard decision to make, but we both know that it was the RIGHT thing for us to do. It's all BITTERSWEET as Zach has said. We will definitely miss living so close to the OCEAN and being completely on our own. We will miss all of the great FRIENDS that we have grown SO close to while we were there. We have made so many fun MEMORIES over the past few months that we will have forever. It was hard saying GOODBYE to life in TAMPA...But we both know that there is so much for us to look forward to back in SALT LAKE. Thanks everyone for making our platinum summer such a great EXPERIENCE...It couldn't have been better. But for now, GOODBYE TAMPA!!!!
We are going to miss seeing this everyday right outside our window...
I grew really close to MEL over the summer...She is such a cute girl!! I'm really going to miss her and can't wait until she and all the other office wives are back in UTAH!!
CHEESECAKE FACTORY...One of our favorite places to visit in TAMPA. That's why we decided to go there for our last night out with all our FRIENDS!!
Zach became really good friends with TYSEN, one of the other guys in our office during the summer. I like to tease Zach and call Tysen his BOYFRIEND haha but seriously...There is some definite BROMANCE going on between these two. They are HILARIOUS together!! We will definitely miss Tysen and his cute wife Mel, but don't worry...These two have already planned a little get together the night Tysen gets back to Utah. Good thing they don't live to far away from eachother!!!!

 In memory of Zach and Tysen...BFF'S haha
Zach and his good friends TYSEN and STERLING saying goodbye
Goodbye TAMPA...We will MISS you!!!!

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