Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cross Country Road Trip #2

We made yet our second cross country road trip just a little over a week ago. Who would have thought that we would drive across the country and back again in just a few months time? Not us that's for sure!! We decided to take a different route on the way back so that we could see a few new states, and stay a few days with Zach's family in San Antonio, Texas. We absolutely loved spending time with them since we don't get to see them as often as we would like!! It was SO much fun going through the South...Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, then up through the Southwest all the way up to Utah. We had a great time together experiencing new things. It's good to know that Zach can still stand me after being cooped up in a car day after day ha. Here are just a few of the many pictures we took along the way...Enjoy!!
I guess we just couldn't leave FLORIDA without one last DOWNPOUR!! Nothing like a Florida rainstorm...
Once again, our car was STUFFED to the MAX!!
I guess the people here are nice?...
Our CAR turned 50 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana...What a trooper
We LOVE our cute NIECES!!

Zach and Parker!! We are SO glad we got to visit in San Antonio for a few days so that we could finally meet this ADORABLE little guy
Becky and Ryan's CUTE kids...Minus Makena who was taking the picture!!

Another visit to the ALAMO!!

Yep, it was this HOT when we got in our car after a day in downtown San Antonio
There was pretty much NOTHING from San Antonio to New Mexico...Not the most exciting drive 
Zach hasn't eaten TACO BELL since he was in 8th grade because of this exact restaurant in SHIPROCK, New Mexico...He ate here when he was moving from Texas to Utah and got food poisoning- Hence the mean look on his face haha
I was SO ready to be HOME by this point!!
UTAH...Home sweet Home


Heather said...

wow. what a fun adventure for the both of you. why did you guys come home a little early???
you will always remember the fun memories...
a little jealous that you got to sit on the beach this summer... what a blast! miss you guys.


Liz said...

Yay! Aubree! I'm so happy I found your blog :) I love it! You and Zach are SO cute! I can't wait to see you at our friends weddings soon!