Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This past week I left TAMPA and headed up to JACKSON HOLE with my family!! We go up there every SUMMER with my mom's family, which is a TRADITION I absolutely love and look forward to every year. We had such a GREAT time, and did lots of FUN things while we were there. I forgot how incredibly GORGEOUS it is up in JACKSON, and how much I miss having MOUNTAINS around me with how FLAT it is in Tampa. I was SO sad that ZACH wasn't able to come with us and MISSED him TONS while he was still in FLORIDA, and can't wait for him to come with us NEXT summer. Like I said, it was a pretty EVENTFUL week up there, so here are a few HIGHLIGHTS from the TRIP...
We went BOATING up at the LAKE...Lucy HATED her life jacket haha

Boating on JACKSON LAKE and COLTER BAY...SO gorgeous!!
My MOM and GRANDPA on the boat...
We saw a HUGE BUFFALO on the side of the road on our way home from the LAKE
We went WHITE WATER RAFTING down the SNAKE river...SO much fun!!
Getting READY to go RAFTING...
My Dad and I on our way DOWN the RIVER!!
Shopping and walking around DOWNTOWN Jackson
My sister and her ADORABLE family at the SHOOT-OUT
(Ross, Lucy, Elsha, Will)
The Girls at the famous ANTLER ARCH in TOWN...


Heather said...

seriously love your family... they do so many flippin fun things!!! can we be invited next year too!!!
you girls all look so hot!!! :)

love ya

breck said...

that looks like so much fun! we went to jackson for the FIRST time last year and i totally loved it. will and lucy are so dang cute (even in the GINORMOUS life-jacket, hehe).