Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good Thing You're a Miller

Zach and I got a pretty good surprise this week when we
found out that our sister in law Heather was coming into town
from Washington, and bringing her four adorable kids.
They are on Spring Break, and Nate is swamped at the hospital.
So, last minute Heather decided to fly to Utah
to visit some family and included.
Last night we were lucky enough to meet Heather, Marlee and Audra for
dinner at Hires. They are staying up in Tremonton, but were down
in Salt Lake for a "Girls Day," as Marlee liked to call it.
We hadn't met AUDRA yet since she was born on January 26th...
So we were beyond thrilled when we got to spend some time with
our new niece last night.

She is SO sweet. I swear I could have held her all night.

Whenever Miss Marlee is around, we know we are in for a GOOD time.
This girl is HILARIOUS!!
I kept saying how Audra is SO cute and adorable.
Marlee just kept responding with, "well it's a good thing you're a Miller."
Maybe she meant that all Miller's are cute and adorable?

Thanks for such a fun night Heather, Marlee and Audra.
We miss you all WAY too much already.

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Heather said...

ohhhhhhh so sweet. we miss you already too!!! love you. MUAH.