Thursday, April 28, 2011

Princess Party

I CANNOT even tell you how excited I am
Maybe I'm a little pathetic, and Zach may think I'm a bit crazy,
but really guys, I can't wait.
How ADORABLE are they...for reals?
Picture perfect if you ask me.
I'm DYING to see Kate's dress, and how
everything turns out.
I'm DVR'ing the wedding, and having all of my
lovely friends over tomorrow night for a PRINCESS
party, where we can all watch William and Kate
tie the knot, I said, can't wait!!


Heather said...

only care about the dress!!! ;)

Erin and Zane said...

I am so excited!!

Ali said...

I couldn't sleep last night and watched parts of it! You'll love it! I am seeing how my day goes and I'll let you know if I can come for sure or not!! ♥ ya

Letti said...

I watched it this morning at it was beautiful. Her dress is gorgeous.