Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hawaii In Pictures


McCormick Family said...

This looks so fun! I wish I were there today with all the snow, I hate Utah sometimes!

Heather said...

Oh i love the last picture so fun. what a great picture of all of you!
can your mom please remember our family next time... i so want to go! i need some sun right now!!! :)
love ya.

p.s. you are making me a little jealous... i wish i looked that hot in a swimsuit!!!! :)

Bryon said...

Thanks for sharing Miller’s, your picture story was inspiring as I was hoping for. My wife and I are going to Hawaii for our 10th Anniversary and I was looking for some pictures of other happy couples. We have a wonderful marriage (even my wife would agree) but we don’t have a lot of contact with other healthy marriages and I needed some encouraging since so many of our friends are divorcing or nearly giving up. I hope you are an inspiration to others around you. We have only one subject we continually fight about, which is my TV addiction. I want to bring my DISH Network employee Sling enabled TV everywhere with me to Hawaii but I haven’t brought it up, and I’m sure she’s dreading having to nag me about it. I thought I would suggest a compromise that I would go with her and she can shop as much as she wants (her favorite thing to do) and I won’t complain about the time or money (the other thing we fight about that I forgot) and I will get to watch TV while she’s shopping.

jo mama said...

Thanks for sharing. I LOVE the family picture. I would love a copy! Zach is one lucky SIL!!1 Miss all of you!!