Sunday, April 10, 2011

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Zach and I LOVE Wednesday afternoons...
Both of us have absolutely nothing to do.
No school, no work, no nothin'.
So, we get to spend the time together doing whatever we please.
This Wednesday it was super WINDY.
We decided that we needed to go FLY A KITE...Why not, right?
We ran to the local Toys R Us, and picked out a pretty sweet kite.
At first we thought it was a terodactyl...WRONG!!
It was actually a killer bee. Like I said, pretty sweet.

We are lucky enough to live right by Sugarhouse Park...the perfect
place to fly a kite.

Our kite broke about 5 minutes into the flight...I guess that's what
you get when you only pay $3.00 for the thing.
But don't fret, we fixed it, and up it went.

It was a perfect afternoon!!
We most definitely have a bad case of Spring Fever in this house.
Too bad it snowed the day after we flew our kite...stupid Utah.

Oh and in case you were wondering, I could NOT stop
singing the "Let's go fly a kite" song from
Mary Poppins the entire time we were at the park.
It's a good song, duh!!

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Heather said...

you both are sooooooo dang cute & creative!