Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Saturday Sweet and Sour

Each night, Zach and I talk about our day. We talk about school, work, Eloise, and anything else that may have happened. We have a little tradition of telling each other the best thing that happened, and the worst. The SWEET and the SOUR. By doing this we are able to see that yes, there were moments in our day that weren't the greatest to say the least, but there were also those moments that put a smile on our face. I've decided that it would be fun to put together a little list at the end of each week, to remember the SWEET times, and the SOUR times...The Saturday Sweet and Sour.

  • Eloise rolled over for the very first time this week!! She didn't only do it only once, but multiple times. Our baby girl is getting SO big.
  • The fact that the Hubby's ward ball team won the regional championship last night. If you know him, you know that he is ridiculously competitive. So, this was pretty much the highlight of his month.
  • This weather!! Can you say perfect? I am definitely not complaining that it has been in the 60's, and that it is only the beginning of March. It's heavenly.
  • Our family walks around the neighborhood. During our long walk a few days ago, I stopped and told Zach that this moment right here is "bliss." What more could I want...I had my Zach, my baby, and the gorgeous spring sunshine. 
  • We have a new nephew, who is absolutely adorable. William was born on Friday afternoon. Congrats Brasher Family!!
  • Hitting the two week mark of Eloise sleeping through the entire night. Can you say angel baby?
  • Eating a homemade pizza dinner at 11:00 at night. Yep, should have checked the directions on the dough before I started it at. Who knew it had to rise twice...strange. You may think this should be a sour of the week, but nope, it was a memorable and very delicious late night for the me and the hubby. 
  • That Zach is out golfing as we speak...his idea of a perfect Saturday. 
  • Dancing in the living room with Eloise.
  • Getting a sneak peak of the brand spanking new and unbelievably gorgeous Nordstrom in downtown Salt Lake City. Heavenly beyond words I tell ya!!
  • Oh you know...I just missed the first time my daughter rolled over. Can you say terrible Mother? I was too worried that we weren't going to get it recorded, turned away for 2 seconds, and completely missed it!! But that's ok, she was a good girl and rolled over a few more times for her Mama.
  • The bad news Zach received that he isn't going to graduate after this semester. Nope, he has to wait to take one more class in the fall. But on the bright side, he won't have to take any classes this summer which is a first. I get him all to myself for 3 whole months!!
  • The sink full of dishes that I should be washing right now instead of writing about. Let's just say our poor house has been completely neglected this week. Sorry house, please forgive me.

And for your viewing pleasure...Eloise rolling over.
She hates being on her tummy, poor thing.
This started out a little sour, but ended up being very sweet.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Sarah said...

Awww it's so exciting when they first roll over! Sorry about your husband having to wait to graduate. But like you said, you'll have a fantastic summer =)

- Sarah

Judd & Liz said...

Aww!!! I love this aubs!! We do the same thing but ours is just... What was your best and what was your worst! I think it's so great to be able to just chat about each others day especially when we are both so busy with work and school :) and for you... With a new baby! She really is so so darling and I would love to meet her!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

aw, that video is just so precious.
still loving this idea of sweet and sour. perfect!
xo TJ